03-scholarshipsReal Life Angels is now accepting applications from teenagers and young adults who have successfully completed a substance abuse treatment program or have been involved in substance abuse counseling, to receive a scholarship for continuing education. The scholarship will be given directly to the continuing education institution for the selected student from Real Life Angels.

The minimum qualifications for the Real Life Angels scholarship are:

  • Must be currently attending or have completed a substance abuse treatment program, or have been involved in ongoing substance abuse counseling
  • Must have graduated from high school, completed a GED, or be on pace to graduate from high school or receive a GED
  • Must plan to enroll in continuing education institution (university, trade school, etc.)
  • Must have a recommendation letter from one of the counselors, teachers, or staff members that assisted you during your path to recovery from substance abuse
  • Must be currently living in a manner demonstrated by a commitment to sobriety

If you meet all of the requirements above, please print out the application and consent forms from the below links.

Scholarship Application

Consent Form